BJTF 2013

The Need:

All over the world and in our communities people just like us are affected by lack.  Our brothers and sisters sometimes find themselves bombarded by the pressures of life to the extent that providing basic necessities for themselves and for their families become a struggle.  The need is certainly greater than our church is able to meet effectively.

The Goal:

By asking our members and adherents to commit to one offering a year, as a love offering to Jesus and his work, we hope to minister those in need both tangibly and with the gospel.  Our goal is to ensure that we use all the offering collected on the Sunday before Christmas (December 22nd, 2013) as our Birthday Gift to Jesus (BGTJ) solely for the purpose of local, national and global missions and evangelism.

The Facts:
Last year, on our first ever BGTJ Sunday, we were able to raise a substantial amount that: Funded our scouting trip to Santa Ana, Ecuador; assisted with funding our first ever youth global missions trip to Thailand and Singapore where they attended the Baptist World Alliance Youth Congress.  We were able to also minister to our community in a significant way during the season of Christmas and well into the new year.

You Can:
Assist us with this year’s BGTJ offering by making a sacrificial gift to the work of missions and evangelism for the coming year.

More information is available by contacting our church office directly at 902.835.2472.