What Does It All Mean?

Our logo represents everything we are about at EBC: The MEETing Place.  We hope you will find it rewarding to take a moment and see what it all means.

Purple (The Head):  Excellence – Purple combines the stability of blue (unity) and the energy of red (relationship).  It symbolizes power and is associated with royalty, wisdom, dignity and mystery.  In our logo it signifies God as the head of all we do and represents our core value of excellence.

Yellow (The Glory Cloud):  Worship – Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, and energy.  The color itself produces a warming effect and arouses cheerfulness much like the sun.  In our logo it signifies the active presence and glory of God and represents our core value of worship.

Blue (Left Arch): Unity – Blue is often associated with depth and stability.  It symbolizes trust, sincerity, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.  In our logo it signifies one of the arcs that make up the “tent of meeting” and represents our core value of unity.

Red (Right Arch):  Relationship – Red is associated with energy, strength, power, determination, passion, and love.  In our logo it signifies one of the arcs that make up the tent of meeting and represents our core value of relationship.

Green (Left Top Page):  Service – Green symbolizes growth, harmony and freshness.  It suggests stability and endurance and indicates hope, peace and healing.  In our logo it symbolizes a page of the Bible.  It represents our core value of service.

Orange (Right Page):  Fellowship – Orange combines the energy of red (relationship) and the happiness of yellow (the presence/glory of God).  It is associated with joy, and produces an invigorating effect.  It represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, encouragement, and stimulation.  In our logo it symbolizes a section of the Bible and represents Fellowship in our core values.

Black (Left Page and Line):  Heritage – Black is associated with power, prestige and formality.  It often represents the unknown and denotes strength and authority.  In our logo it represents a section of the Bible and underscores the entire figure.  It represents heritage in our core values.

More about what our logo signifies…

Two ways of reading our logo:

  1. Top Down:  God who is the head (purple) brings his presence and glory (yellow) to encompass us – and infiltrate all we do – we meet (tent) in the spirit of unity (blue) with authentic relationship (red), based on the word of God which joins us together in fellowship (orange) and compels us to serve others (green) even as our history has taught us (black).
  2. Bottom Up:  Based on the word of God (black, orange, green) with a strong understanding of our heritage (black), in the spirit of fellowship (orange) and with a heart to serve (green), we meet together (tent) to form relationships (red) in the spirit of unity (blue).  In doing all this in a spirit of excellence we bring glory to God (yellow) who is the head of all we do (purple).

You may also notice these things:

  • One in the Bible signifies Deity and that which is sovereign.  The purple head in our logo asserts that there is in God a sufficiency that needs no other; and an independence that admits no other.  It marks that the beginning and head of all we are and all we do is God.
  • Two in the Bible affirms difference and diversity.  In our logo two arcs touch to form a tent.  Through relationship (red) and unity (blue) we become the true church of Christ and create the atmosphere necessary for meeting.  Rather than divide us, our diversity and differences help us to create a place to meet.
  • Three in the Bible signifies Divine completeness or perfection.  There are three segments that make up the Bible in our logo.  They signify the past, present, and future, relevance of the Word of God.   There are also three parts of the logo which represent the Godhead:  The Head which signifies God, the Word which signifies Christ, and the glory cloud which signifies the active presence of Christ in the church:  The Holy Spirit.

Seven in the Bible signifies Spiritual perfection and completeness.  Our logo is made up of seven different pieces with seven different colors.  They represent the seven core values that serve as the standard for faith and practice at EBC:  The Meeting Place.