To Boldly Promote Authentic and Transformational Encounters with God and People

Recently we revamped our vision so that it challenged us in how we meet and in what we do when we meet.  This refined vision challenges us to be real in our ministry and to promote change both in our spirituality and in our relationships.  In essence, it is in line with the greatest commandments to 1. love God with all of our life and being and 2. love people as deeply as we love ourselves. Join us as we commit ourselves to intentional living.  We believe that by honouring God in this way we can become the kind of church that Christ has called us to be.


Creating Places to Meet

At EBC: The MEETing Place we believe that we have been called to be a safe community for all who seek to experience true relationship with God. We aim to Glorify God by Creating a Place to Meet by:

  • Ministering to the Whole Person,
  • Evangelizing the Lost,
  • Equipping Members to be Ministers, and
  • Teaching the Body of Christ.

Those who call EBC: The MEETing Place home do so because of the strong leadership, unique diversity and lively atmosphere they experience here.  In the first instance, our pastors lead with a strong sense of conviction, accountability and transparency. In the second, we are an intergenerational, multicultural and interdenominationally diverse body of believers who seek to embrace and accept all who seek genuine encounters with God and with his people.  In the third, we consider authentically uplifting and genuine worship as a key ingredient to God meeting with us as we meet with him. Those who meet at EBC: The MEETing Place enjoy vibrant services, genuinely warm fellowship, transformative spiritual experiences and the strong sense of family as a result of genuine love between believers. The atmosphere at EBC: The MEETing Place is a friendly and welcoming one that emphasizes relationship instead of religion and promotes freedom to worship God according to the leading of God’s Holy Spirit.  Everything we do is aimed at creating a place to MEET where God can meet with us as we meet with God! This is why we are wholeheartedly committed to our vision to glorify God by: Boldly Promoting Authentic and Transformational Encounters with God and People.