EBC: The MEETing Place

We would be so delighted to have you come and meet in worship with us at Emmanuel. We believe our spontaneous worship services, which are based on the Word of God and conducted under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, will be a blessing to your life.  We look forward to you joining in the celebration at EBC: The MEETing Place, where God meets us and we meet God!

Meeting Times

Sunday 10:30AM Main Meeting Service
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Location and Directions 633 Pockwock Road, Hammonds Plains, NS B4B 1N8 Map…

Important Reminders We’d love to ensure that everyone who worships at our church has the best possible experience.  For the convenience of every worshipper we’ve noted a few important reminders that will help us to achieve this:

  • Please note that there is a NO PARKING ZONE located directly in front of the church building.  This area is designated as a Fire Zone and is required for fire and emergency vehicles ONLY!  There are designated parking spaces for persons with disabilities on the far end of the building.
  • Please ensure all cell phones are turned off during worship services.  If you have to keep it on…ensure that it is on silent and that you use it outside of the sanctuary during worship services.
  • With the exception of water bottles, please refrain from eating or drinking in the sanctuary at any time.
  • Here at EBC: The MEETing Place we endeavor to Create a Place to MEET for all persons by maintaining a “SCENT FREE ENVIRONMENT”.  Therefore, in consideration of those who are environmentally sensitive, PLEASE ensure that you do not use scented products (inclusive of perfumes, aftershaves, soaps, creams, etc).

We look forward to creating a place to meet where, together with you and your family, we can meet with God as He meets with us.  Thank you for helping to make this a reality.