Discover Your Gifts for Ministry.

At EBC: The MEETing Place, part of our mission is “Equipping Members to be Ministers”.  This means that we believe Every Member is a Minister and therefore plays a vital part in the life of the family of God.  In fact, we often emphasize; “you are the church!”  This is because we really believe that all that we are as a body and all that we can become, depends on the people who call our church “home.”

Sometimes it may be difficult to pinpoint where God is calling us to serve but we believe that God has given every Christian at least one spiritual gift.  That means that all the gifts we need to be the church God desires is already in our house.  It means that if everyone is using their gift(s) to its maximum potential then we will truly be a church without limits.

Step 1: Although this is not “ours”, this online questionnaire is designed to help you identify and understand your spiritual gifts and how to use them in ministry.  Many similar inventories are available online but we have chosen to use Gifted2Serve because of its quality and applicability.  Please take a moment to read the instructions before completing the inventory.

Step 2: Record your top three gifts

Step 3:  Email your top three gifts to My Gifts with subject heading EBCGIFTS.  You can also deliver the results of your assessment by hand at the church office.