Let the little children come unto me and do not send them away for such is the Kingdom of God Acts 2:46-47a

Ministry Profile

The nursery at EBC: The Meeting Place is where children below age five (5) go to learn about the joy and happiness of living a life for God.  Our ministry seeks to teach children the early steps of beginning a relationship with God in a safe environment.  During nursery, children learn about who God is, his love for them, and how they can make small everyday steps to honor him with their lives.

Those who serve on the nursery ministry team have a deep passion for working with young children.  They have a heart for helping children to have fun while experiencing who God is and his love for them.  Anyone with a heart for children like Christ is welcome to join the team that ministers in the nursery.

Ministry Contactsnursery@ebcmeet.com
Team Lead Janet Marsman

Meeting Times & Locations

Team Meeting:
Month: January, May & September
Day: Third (3rd) Monday
Time: 7:00 – 9:00PM
Location: 75 Oakhill Drive, Sackville

Day: Sundays
Time: 10:30AM – 1:30PM
Location: EBC Nursery

Involvement Requirements

  • Able to attend all ministry meetings
  • Ability to work well with other leaders and as a team
  • Able to encourage and motivate children in the ministry
  • Genuine care for children in the ministry

Proper Criminal Record Checks as conducted by EBC: The Meeting Place