And things you have heard from me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others – 2 Timothy 2:2

The Deacon’s Mentorship Program (DMP) is the significant leadership component of Emmanuel Baptist Church: The MEETing Place.  This programs helps to better equip leader who the church has appointed to be the chief servants in our ministry. It also strengthens the relationship of the pastors and deacons by helping them to unite together in carrying out the vision of the God for our church.

The ultimate goal of mentorship ministry is promote the shepherding relationship that the pastor has within the Body of Christ.  Moreover, it is in keeping with the ministry of Christ to produce chief servants after the heart of the mentor and to guide them in fulfilling their call to ministry.  Thus, the mentor is responsible for guiding the apprentice as he/she answers a call much greater than himself or herself.  This relationship helps both the Mentor and the Mentee.  On one hand the Mentor gains a better understanding of the task of shepherding and becomes more proficient in the administration of this gift.  On the other hand the Mentee gains the advantage of charting previously uncharted waters with a “father” in ministry who helps them to better navigate the call of God on their lives and who serves as a covering and accountability partner in ministry career.

The DMP is designed to be official mentorship process for those who serve under the covering of EBC: The MEETing Place as Deacons.  The program itself is designed to further develop the selected candidates’ call to ministry as well as his/her personal character as servants in God’s Kingdom through both formal and informal training.  As such, the theoretical and practical components of the DMP has been designed to help the mentee to gain a better understanding of how vital their roles are in the ministry of EBC:  The MEETing Place. It is also intended to better serve the greater Body of Christ and to provide leadership that will help us to achieve the vision of creating a place to MEET.