So when they had apointed elders in every church, and prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord in whom they had believed – Acts 14:23

Ministry Profile
The Body of Christ has many members of which all are spiritually gifted to help perform the work of the Father in the present state of the Kingdom here on earth (1 Cor. 12:1-31).  Here at EBC: The MEETing Place, it is part of our fundamental belief that “every member is a minister”.  In this regard, we believe it is our responsibility to both equip members for ministry and to teach those who are in the Body of Christ.  However, this task is not easily accomplished without fulfilling the example of Christ to teach a faithful few who can then teach the greater whole.

The Minister’s Board was birthed out of our Overseer’s vision to stir up the gift of God in those that God was calling into ministry and who were willing to answer to that call.  Overseer Anderson firmly believes that all the tools necessary for effective ministry are at Emmanuel and as such, considers it a duty to both identify them and give room for them in our ministry.  Furthermore, in an effort to always demonstrate a spirit of excellence in our service to God, we must ensure that those who ministry have been “equipped” to do so.  Ministers are therefore taught before they begin to lead.  This is the purpose of the Ministers Mentorship Program (MMP) at EBC:  The MEETing Place.

Those who make up our Minister’s Board serve as mentees on the leadership team of EBC: The MEETing Place.  They have undergone training and continue to be mentored by Overseer Anderson and the rest of the pastoral staff at Emmanuel.  As recognition of this training, Emmanuel affirms and validates their qualificatioons in ministry by licensing and commissioning them based on their spiritual gift assesment and or where the need for leadership may arise within our fellowship.  Therefore, Ministers of EBC: The MEETing Place serve by helping to provide leadership to key departments within our church.  As such they are invaluable witnesses to the vision of creating a place where God can meet people and where people can meet God.