So his armor bearer said to him, “Do all that is in your heart. Go then; here I am with you, according to your heart.” – 1 Samuel 14:7

Ministry Profile
The Armor Bearer and Security at EBC:  The Meeting Place attends to, ministers to, and cares for the leadership of Emmanuel during worship services.  They also ensure that the congregation is kept safe that order is maintained.

Volunteers who serve in the armor bearer and security ministry are appointed by the senior pastor from congregants who are in good standing and have a heart to serve.  Once selected, they do so willingly with an obedient spirit of compassion.  They are also keen to ensure that EBC: The Meeting Places is a safe place to meet.

Ministry Contacts security@ebcmeet.com

Chair Alvin Lucas
Co-Chair Eugene Anderson

Ministry Events:

  • Weekly ministry during service times
  • Ministry as per special events

Meeting Times & Locations
Prayer Meetings:
Day: Sundays
Time: 30 minutes before service/event begins
Location: Parlor

Involvement Requirements

  • Must be selected by the Senior Pastor
  • Attentiveness and trustworthiness
  • Punctuality and flexibility for scheduled events
  • Time Commitment:  Based on determined rotation