They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers”Acts 1:14

Ministry Profile

The heart of the women of influence ministry at EBC:  The Meeting Place is to encourage spiritual growth.  This is done through studying the Word together and through influential witnessing and application of the truth of Scripture.   Women in this ministry seek to have a greater understanding of Scripture and of who God is.

Volunteers who serve in this ministry encourage each other through varying degrees of fellowship.  They identify with each other in sharing personal experience, study the word through video teachings, conduct educational workshops, worship together and plan the WOI Conferences.  Volunteers also have a heart to encourage fellow sisters and pursue deeper intimacy in their relationship with God.

Ministry Contactswoi@ebcmeet.com
Chair Minister Andrea Anderson

Meeting Times & Locations
Day: Third Saturday
Time: 9:30AM
Location: EBC Sanctuary

Involvement Requirements

  • Committed to attending meetings and WOI events
  • Have a desire to study and share the Word of God
  • Desire deeper intimacy in their relationship with God