Food for your journey.

Part of our mission at EBC: The Meeting Place is Ministering to the Whole Person.  Here you will find a collection of resources that we hope will be beneficial to you.  Our Audio Sermons are transcripts of sermons preached at EBC: The MEETing Place and copies can be obtained for a small fee by contacting our Audio/Visual ministry team. We have also taken the time to make some online Links available according to your specific preference. They help with everything from addictions to relationships, marriage and family to finding purpose and more.

In our Forms section you will find various forms for special needs or various requests such as a special celebration or to request prayer.

For other information please take a moment to contact our Faithbuilders ministry. In our Library you will find various Books, Video Tapes, CDs, and DVD that will cater to your specific need. Whether you are interested in past sermons or past small group studies, gender specific Bible studies or age specific material, casual reading or more in depth study, or just looking to develop your leadership abilities, we believe the material that we have will be of great benefit to you.

If you prefer to study the Bible on your own, please take a moment to visit the link to the Bible Reading Plan online. However, if you choose to study in a group setting, our Life Groups ministry would be more appropriate for you. Other classes are located under our Grow section of the website.

If you are not able to find information to suit your needs, please contact us and we will be sure to assist you.