Shaping Youth & Young  Adults for Greater.

At EBC: The Meeting Place young people make up a significant part of our church family.  We believe youth are invaluable to the Kingdom of God and play an essential part in the lives of their friends and all who they come in contact with.  This is the primary reason why we believe in our purpose as a department.

The purpose of our Youth & Young Adult department is to mentor students by journeying with them from a place of passive understanding of God to a place where they actively live out their own passionate relationship with Him.  By being real and relevant in what we do we believe God will use the different experiences of their lives to reveal to them His divine plan that was written in His book long before the world existed (Psalm 139:16).

Our Youth & Young Adult department have leaders who are passionate about helping to shape youth for greater.  We see our ministry as the incubator for helping to cultivate youth and young adult into the unique people God created them to be according to Romans 12:1-2.  Furthermore we believe that every young person has greatness inside of them and therefore our job is to help them to embrace everything that God has in store for their lives.  We count it a privilege to help create a place to meet for every young person, regardless of who they are.