Our Core Values
The Standards For All We Do.

At EBC: The MEETing Place there are seven core values that serve as the standard for all we do here. To understand how our logo reflects our core values, click here.

Excellence: Psalm 101:2 – Walk with INTEGRITY of heart.
Jim Collins in his book Good to Great said that “greatness is not entirely, or even largely, a matter of circumstance; greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.” At Emmanuel, we choose to devote all our time, talent, and resources in such a way as to maintain the highest standards possible for ministry. We are serious about serving God by honoring our commitments to God and in our interactions with each other.

Worship: Psalm 27:4 – Gaze upon the BEAUTY of the Lord
Worship is paramount whenever we meet at Emmanuel. We cannot help but pour our love out before God whom we have the greatest adoration for. Worship set’s the atmosphere for all we do here. Our diversity frees us from conforming to one method or style of worship as we seek to see God for all He is and honor Him for all the different ways in which He moves among us.

Unity: Galatians 3:28 – For you are all ONE in Christ.
One only has to be at Emmanuel long enough to recognize that we are not a church separated by denomination, race, gender, age, ability, or resources.  We refuse to be limited by our differences but rather, choose to see them as what liberates us.  Our meetings are a testimony to the handiwork of God and a deliberate attempt to answer the prayer of Christ: “Make them One!” 

Relationship:  ­Proverbs 18:24 – A real FRIEND sticks closer than a brother.
We realize that in fulfilling the greatest commandments to love God and love others, we must hold ourselves accountable to each other as followers of Christ.  Therefore, we are committed to fulfill our mission and vision by expressions of love, unity, intimacy, honesty, openness, grace, respect, and obedience.  We believe in loving much because we have been loved much.

Fellowship:  ­Acts 2:44 – All the believers MET together constantly.
We believe that fellowship with one another occurs within our corporate meeting place as well as in other smaller meeting places.  Fellowship is also essential to cultivating the most authentic relationships, genuine worship, unshakeable unity and honest service.  Beyond the walls of our sanctuary, we are called to be the church.

Service:  Galatians 5:13 – By love SERVE one another.
Because “every member is a minister” at Emmanuel, we are committed to empowering each one to use their spiritual gifts to serve God and to help build up the body of Christ.  Because of God’s love, we are committed to being the church in our community, in our country, and throughout the world. 

Heritage:  Psalm 119:90 – Your faithfulness extends to every GENERATION.
Emmanuel has a rich heritage.  The history and traditions of our church have shaped us into the kind of family we now have.  In celebrating the faithfulness of God, we believe in honoring and celebrating the contributions of all who came before us.  It is this deep sense of appreciation for our history that helps us to be so committed to building on a solid foundation of Excellence, Worship, Unity, Relationship, Fellowship and Service.  Lest we forget, we remember.